Add a Business Listing

Instructions on how to add your business to the Dallas Area business directory which is located here: Dallas Directory

  • Register:
  • Suggest a Listing:
  • Where it says “ROOT” browse and choose a business category. You cannot choose ROOT so be sure to browse and pick a related category.
  • In the “URL” field at the top type the main address to your website. Example:
  • Fill out all fields.
  • Deep links refer to inner pages to your website.
  • “Title” Means a deep link title to an inner page of your site. So if you have an article on your site called “Dallas Widgets” that would be a good title to go in the “Title” field.
  • “Url” is simply asking for the entire website address. If you are creating a directory listing for you need to type: “” as the “URL”
  • Click on “Save Changes”
  • Confirm Your listing by submitting once more.
  • Be sure to pay me for your listing to be activated on the site.
  • Thats it. If you have trouble use our contact link at the top of this page to email me and I will fix any problems.

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Lynn Jackson August 18, 2011 at 7:06 pm

What is the cost to activate a listing?

Thank you
Lynn J

admin October 10, 2011 at 6:25 pm

$10 for the cost of review

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