Red Hot and Blue in Dallas Texas

by Donny on May 27, 2010

Red Hot & Blue – BBQ
9810 North Central Expressway
Dallas, TX 75231
Phone: (214) 368-7427

Every season is barbeque season in Texas. But there’s just something about summer and the smell of all those burgers, dogs and steaks cooking on the grill that makes us crave BBQ more than ever. Of course, all BBQ is not created equal. If you are looking for a top-notch BBQ that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, try Red Hot & Blue. Red Hot & Blue is easily one of my favorite places for BBQ. The sight of those pigs playing their guitars on the Red Hot & Blue sign gets my mouth watering faster than Pavlov’s bell. Red Hot & Blue is a traditional smokehouse which serves delicious Memphis style BBQ. All their meats are smoked over hickory for twelve to fourteen hours. Let’s take a look at their menu and see if your mouth isn’t watering by the end.

Red Hot & Blue’s appetizers are pretty basic for a southern-style restaurant. You can get a half basket of hand-battered onion rings for $3.99 or a full basket for $5.99. Both are served with BBQ ranch. They have the mandatory Smokin’ Buffalo Wings for $6.99 – ten wings lightly smoked, fried, then dipped in spicy hot or tangy mild wing sauce and served with celery and blue cheese dressing. If you’re feeling patriotic you can order the Red Hot & Blue Nachos. The corn tortillas chips really are colored red, white, and blue and are topped with your choice of pulled pork, pulled chicken, or chili. They are served with salsa and cost $7.99.Then we have the southern favorite, Catfish Fingers served with Memphis fries and home-style hushpuppies for $6.99. The hushpuppies are very good. Our son used to call them prairie doggies when he was little. The Memphis fries are killer – crunchy coating and delicious seasoning. Finally we have the Hoochie Coochie Sausage & Cheese Plate for $6.99. This includes sliced smoked sausage, cheddar and pepper jack cheese cubes, pepperoni peppers, and crackers with Hoochie Coochie Mustard. I try to stay away from the Hoochie Coochie Mustard. With a name like that you just never know. If you’re going to order a starter, share it with a lot of friends. It’s important to save room for the real star of the show – the main course.

Every restaurant has to have soups, salads, and baked potatoes, and Red Hot and Blue is no exception. They try to mix up the traditional choices with their own concoctions. We have five salad options, each priced at $8.00, give or take a buck or two. The first is the Southern Fried Chicken Salad. They recommend the honey mustard dressing for this one. The next is the Texas Smokehouse Salad – smoked turkey and beef brisket over mixed greens with corn relish, tomatoes and pepper jack cheese. On a lighter note (calorie-wise), we have the Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad. Then we have the Pulled Chicken Salad. And finally, there is the tried and true Cobb Salad. Cobb Salad is one of my favorite kinds of salad. How can you go wrong with all that ham, turkey, bacon, chopped eggs and cheese? But you don’t go to a great BBQ place like Red Hot and Blue for their salads. Besides, who are you fooling? These salads aren’t much healthier than the prairie doggies and fries.

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