Midway Mart in Denton TX

by Donny on April 18, 2011

Midway Mart in Denton TX

Midway Mart is a quaint little convenience store specializing mostly in beer and other alcoholic drinks. Midway Mart has an incredible selection of popular beers as well as wine. Midway Mart is the hub of alcoholic drinks in Denton and virtually everyone uses it for their party preparation. Midway Mart is ready to prepare you for your weekend thirst with kegs available in many excellent varieties, Midway Mart carries the popular brands such as Shiner the Texas favorite that now comes in cans which is much to the delight of the many bikers that come to Midway Mart in need of portable delicious party favors.

Or there’s always the classic choices of Blue Moon in it’s many seasonal forms, always a good choice for crowd pleasing. Midway Mart also has options for the many connoisseurs of fine beers, the miniature market is abreast with rare and wonderful items such as peach malts or the ever innovative banana bread beer, another excellent choice in fanciful new experiences with alcohol is the beer Little Kings which is the first malted beer ever made that still persists as a unique eight pack of unbelievably smooth and crisp beer in tiny monk laden green bottles filled with a beverage that could practically pass for a cream soda.

If fresh fruit is your forte then you might consider the Wild Blueberry beer stock at Midway Mart which tastes exactly how you would ask that blueberry beer taste, mind blowing. Or if you have more of a taste for the harder stuff you might pick up a six pack of Lobotomy Bock a pleasantly bitter, high percentage beer that is sure to be more than enough for the adventurous drinker. Or if cheap is the name of your game then look no further than the back wall where you will find the staples of the beer world as well as classics such as the Denton favorite, Pabst Blue Ribbon which comes in assortments of six packs, 12 packs and the ever plentiful six pack of 16 ounce cans which is perfect for a night of portable and plentiful beer drinking. Midway Mart is also a functional gas station although this would not be its claim to fame.

The prices at Midway Mart are very reasonable for the standard convenience store mark up. The one criticism I would have about Midway Mart would be the occasional poor service from disgruntled employees. Midway provides a handy bike rack which is helpful considering the large amount of bike traffic that they received. Although just be sure that as you lock your bike you do not accidentally hit the window in any way, this has been known to result in being unfairly turned away from business at the store. Midway Mart does have a modest selection of wines but of equally modest quality. Apart from the alcohol Midway Mart functions as your regular old gas station with candy, soda pop and various general accessories.

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danny April 18, 2011 at 8:34 pm

Yes, Midway Mart is a Denton “landmark” and as the review states, it has a heck of an alcohol selection.

However, the reviewer left out one of the big highlights of this Denton establishment, operator Shawn.

Shawn has a rapport with all of the regulars….and aside knowing about their preference in alcohol/cigarettes/etc (which he certainly does), he is a friend…asking about life…keeping up with what’s going on with each of his customers. He asks me about how “fatherhood” is going so often that I stopped by one day with the kiddo just for Shawn to meet him.

Once my wife requested a beer they did not have, Shawn ordered it and kept in stock for months just because she requested it.

So, I would have disagree with the review that the service is bad…as that is certainly an odd generalization. There may be some other workers that may not always be as chipper as can be (although I’ve never had a bad experience), but Shawn is the core of the MM and certainly makes every visit a good one.

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