HMS Art and Frame Shop in Denton TX

by Donny on April 18, 2011

HMS Art and Frame Shop in Denton TX

In Denton you can go two places for art supplies, Voertman’s or HMS. HMS has the quaint advantage of being smaller,applying itself only to the needs of the artist instead of all school supplies HMS can stock specialty merchandise such as a large variety paper including watercolor paper hot and cold pressed in addition to paper for the other mediums. While most art supply stores sell their canvases prepackaged HMS knows that the dedicated painter prefers to stretch their own canvas over a frame they’ve constructed personally in order to ensure satisfaction in quality.

HMS is undeniably cozy, the sterile branded packaging seen in most retailers is scarce leaving shelves stocked with high quality tools and supplies in a nonabrasive and welcoming manner reminiscent of a mid century hardware store. Unique items such as gold leaf are in ready supply for those in need of it’s one of a kind effect, or perhaps you are looking for an authentic Sumi ink set to provide you with the pure aesthetic of traditional Japanese methods. HMS supplies such exotic merchandise but along with the professional utensils required for disciplines such as precise drafting or print making.

HMS has covered every angle of the art supplier, from top shelf spray paint in vibrant colors to specialized caps that produce various spray patterns. Jewelry makers will appreciate the incredible supply of tools for shaping and designing metal as well as the selection of bronze and silver wire. As you enter HMS you can typically see the owner and perhaps a regular or two taking advantage of the couch and coffee table that occupie a small lounge looking out of the large shop windows adorned with a stained glass ornament of the iconic symbol of HMS a mustached old woman.

In front of the two shelves sit an expanse of pens and pencils, the aisle to the right has an impressive selection of very high quality brushes for any type of paint. The quality of paint in HMS is unmatched by any art supplier in the area, giving colors and brands that produce results that would satisfy the most scrutinizing painter and the same can be said for the options in dry medium such as charcoal, graphite and pastels. Supporting a small business is a joy on it’s own, but rarely does a small business greatly exceed all competition while meeting popular and specific demand in every concentration.

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