Sack and Save

by Donny on April 1, 2011

Sack and Save

Sack and Save is a one of a kind grocery experience. When encountering a Sack and Save one might notice the seemingly dilapidated state of the store and react skeptically, although this state of disrepair is typical of the small discount grocery store in my opinion the only majorly noticeable effect is the neglect of the donut case resulting in an inability to keep bugs out or donuts fresh.

However I would readily put my faith in the stores many other sanitary and reasonably priced products, except maybe some of the ham products, but that could just be me. Sack and Save is notoriously low cost, offering a variety of alternative products many of a Spanish origin. The Sack N Save franchise can be accurately labeled a standard mediocre quality grocery store. They provide the basic products needed for simple hygiene as well as general house hold and kitchen sanitation.

A modest variety of choice is provided for each section of food stuffs with generic cheap brands shared by other such low quality grocery stores. Sack N Save is also a multi purposed market, housed inside the store is a Western Union station capable of cashing pay checks, there is a coin star for any one needing to sort there change collection, as well as a U.S. post office so you can mail letters while you cash your pay check and get groceries.

The convenience in location also plays a huge part in the advantage of Sack and Save, sitting directly off of I-35E and practically on the campus of UNT it is in the perfect location to bring poor college kids a close by and cheap resource for food as well as being tripling as a post office and bank.

So although Sack N Save does not have the highest quality food they do have decent quality vegetables most of the time, occasionally the avocado section will have a few more flies than I’m comfortable with do to the avocado’s being blended in their own skin and bleeding everywhere. But what Sack N Save lacks in quality it tries to make up for in price and sometimes almost does, but the majority of time they don’t really come close to competing with larger grocery store chains.

The service is good but in all honesty grocery stores don’t really require a huge degree of personal service other than checking and bagging even though Sack N Save leaves the bagging to you. So, although the staff isn’t unpleasant in any way you still have to bag your own groceries and the food may not be tainted per se there are still too many flies and general unsanitary conditions. However these things never really stopped me from shopping there, but for some peoples standards Sack N Save might be a little shy of passing.

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Dawanna S. June 7, 2011 at 9:59 pm

I am a regular customer in your store…Maybe not anymore!!! I am VERY upset about the \\"pushing of religon\\" on your customers and your employees!!! I do not like going into that store and be forced to listen to \\"christian music\\" as i shop. I was in the Sack n Save in shelby Ohio on 6-5-11 and wanted to speek with the manger but i found out he was in church. This is a \\"GROCERY STORE\\" not a church. We as a country have been forced to take prayer out of our school\\\’s and courtroom\\\’s. So how do you feel that it is right to do this to your workers and patrons in a \\"GROCERY STORE\\" ? If this is the type of store you want to run myself, my family and my friends will be happy to pay a little more and shop at Cornells IGA because they DO NOT push religion on there emplyees or customers.

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