Circa 77 Thrift Store in Denton TX

by Donny on March 25, 2011

Circa 77 in Denton TX
Celebrating six years of selling, altering and renting some of the most fashionable clothing in the area Circa 77 is the queen of Denton thrift. Although calling Circa 77 a thrift store does not come near doing it justice, in reality Circa 77 is a boutique and ambassador of contemporary style for north Texas.

Circa 77 is flooded with vintage clothing poised to have you ready for any upcoming formal event with a unique and stylish outfit for you to wear. However, purchasing a brand new tux, suit or dress can be expensive and impractical for many people especially when the event comes with short notice buying may not be possible, that is why Circa 77 is happy to offer an abundant selection of rental items for every shape and taste in dress.
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The gracious owner and operator will happily guide your curiosity and direct you to your desired orientation of style. And if the prices of vintage and custom tailored clothing are too rich for your particular blood have no fear for as this magnanimous boutique patron says Circa 77 is “very easy” when it comes to prices.

You would benefit to remember that store owners, especially small independent ones, want to sell you clothes as much as you want to buy clothes, so if you don’t have enough for those pants and those sunglasses maybe an inquiry into a multiple item discount could be in order. In fact Circa 77 is so easy going they even have a hutch of free items in front of the store at all times to keep the homeless warm as well as keep your supply of tacky sweaters filled.

The owner as well as her kind employee are both expert seamstresses also and given the opportunity they can transform any mal-fitted article into the outfit you had always imagined it could be. Really there is no reason to go to some generic formal outfit rental store when Circa 77 can give you something both refreshingly different and fitted to your personal sense of style.

But their function as a rental and formal wear shop has absolutely no diminishing effect on the quality of Circa 77’s exceptional choices in casual attire. Some of the most beautiful dresses in town reside in this stores windows as do some of the most interestingly retro t-shirts jackets and pants. All of this goodness awaits and that’s not even to mention the lovely glass center piece of the stores front room which encases a plethora of unique and in some cases valuable jewelry and sunglasses to get you all glittered up for Easter.

Yes, Circa 77 has been an institution of Denton fashion for six years and will hopefully be here to serve the North Texas community for many more.

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