Vegan Freak

by Donny on March 4, 2011

Denton is a thriving and progressive community with a growing population of vegans. More and more students arrive each year and with it so does more and more demand for a healthy alternative lifestyle.

Vegan-ism is no easy accomplishment and the local organic grocery store is not likely to have a vegan option for anything besides select frozen food items and if you’re lucky a few toiletries. That’s where Vegan Freak steps in with all of its righteously specific merchandise you’ll be not using dead animals in no time at all.

In the unlikely case you’re not aware, being vegan is hard work and can seriously limit your options regarding every single thing you buy and use daily. Vegan Freak provides a great convenience to local vegans, they supply the daily amenities of life that are dominated by generic brand names across the country.

There’s no need to order expensive and difficult to ship ethically conscious laundry detergent online anymore, Vegan Freak has that covered. In fact they have even done their part to keep the love alive in the vegan community with their vegan condoms and massage oils.

The store may be small but they have occupied an essential niche in Denton. Providing the people with new options for their consuming habits and making the world a better place for all living things.

With every handful of flax seed crackers or with every oatmeal and raisin cookie you can do your part to help cut back on animal cruelty as well as irresponsible food and packaging production.

Even local artists will be happy to know they can buy vegan supplies like recycled pencils and sketchbooks to express themselves in their art as well as in their materials.

Vegan Freak has provided much needed accommodations for the many neglected aspects of vegan living. This caring and specific store has broken new territory in Denton and with our communities support is sure to improve and expand it’s already impressive selection of vegan products.

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