Dixie House Restaurant in Dallas TX

by Donny on March 28, 2010

Dixie House Restaurant

(214) 826-2412
6400 Gaston Ave.
Dallas TX. 75214

Does size really matter? The Dixie House Restaurant thinks so. That’s why they proudly offer their Texas-size chicken-fried steak, a giant platter full of heart-stopping goodness. The Dixie House strongly believes in the notion that everything is bigger in Texas and that the only thing better than great chicken fried steak is more great chicken fried steak.
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I couldn’t agree more. It’s hard to beat all that tender steak covered in golden, crunchy batter and slathered in peppery, country gravy. The Dixie House does offer a smaller portion of chicken fried steak if you decide the Texas-size is just too much for you. But come on, that’s why the doggie bag was invented. And if you are interested in pinching some pennies, you can always split the Texas-size with your date or a friend. You’ll both walk away full and have a little more money in your pocket.

OK maybe you are not a fan of chicken fried steak. What about chicken fried chicken? That’s my wife’s favorite – the chicken fried chicken sandwich with bacon and honey mustard. It is delicious. Actually it is probably even tastier than the chicken fried steak, but not nearly as big. And as we’ve said -size matters. I don’t think the chicken fried chicken is offered as a sandwich on the menu. My wife just orders it that way. And she gets what she wants. You can too at the Dixie House.

If you can feel your cholesterol rising just reading this article you should know that the Dixie House does offer healthier options on the “light” section of their menu. You can order something like salmon and rice to ease your conscience. But really, if that’s what’s on your radar the Dixie House is probably not the place for you. This is good southern fried cooking we’re talking about.

Let’s talk side dishes. You can get awesome fried okra (my son’s favorite), mashed potatoes with brown or white gravy, hash brown casserole, cheesy broccoli casserole, the obligatory French fries and much more. I think you can even get fried corn on the cob. If you’re feeling adventurous you can try the fried pickles. I tried them once. They are decent but I don’t think I will get them again. Also you get a complimentary basket of muffins and jalapeno cornbread with your order. The sweet and spicy mix in the cornbread is a great combo.
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I honestly can’t tell you what’s on the restaurant’s dessert menu. By the time I’ve finished my Texas chicken fried steak (or even just half of it) I’m too full to even think about driving home, let alone dessert. Maybe some day I’ll get the salmon and rice and then I’ll have enough room in my stomach for dessert.

The Dixie House Restaurant is located on Gaston Ave. in the Lakewood area of old east Dallas. The restaurant has a nice spacious feel to it with plenty of big booths and tables. There is also a bar with several TV’s if you feel the need to be closer to the game or the booze. The parking lot, however, is not so spacious as it is shared with several other businesses. Parking is usually not too much of an issue though, as long as it’s not a super busy time.

If you are a fan of chicken fried steak, fried anything, or just good southern food, the Dixie House Restaurant is definitely worth a visit.

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