Trees Club and Music Venue in Dallas TX

by Donny on February 1, 2011

Trees Music VenueTrees

2709 Elm Street

Dallas, TX. 75226

(214) 741-1122

Deep Ellum went through a big slump for a while there and many of us Dallasites wondered if it would ever recover. Trees, a popular live-music venue closed down late in 2005. But Deep Ellum is coming back strong and so is Trees which opened its doors again in August of 2009.

February is packed full of live music shows at Trees. Here is a look at what’s coming up this month.

Feb. 3rd – Ill Nino with guests Anew, Ekotren, Fasion Bomb, and Serosia

Feb. 5th – Ozomati with Mad Mexicans, and Ducado Vega

Feb. 9th – Buzzov-en with Cough, Four Days to Burn, Vorvadoss, and K. Lloyd.

Feb 10th – Murder FM with Cage 9, Betawolf, and Rocket Queen

Feb 11th – Reckless Intent with Meridian, Shining Silence, and Sonar Lights

Feb. 12th – Mac Miller

Feb. 13th – Lynch Mob with Willie Basse, Revengence, and Brand New Machine

Feb 16th – Death Angel with Lazarus A.D., Early Man, Bonded by Blood, and Hexen

Feb. 17th – Rehab with Smooth Choppy, Twice Broken, and Now Noise Standard

Feb. 18th – Bobaflex with Royal Bliss, Oceans Devide, Fusillade, and Echos of Insanity

Feb. 19th – Glassjaw

Feb 20th – D.R.I with Hoodrat, Powertrip, Bombing Ibi, Secret Society

Feb 21st – Genitorturers with Hanzel Und Gretyl, Razor Blade Dolls, and S.C.A.B.B.

Trees ClubFeb. 24th – Dirtfoot with Mountain Sprout, Fatty Lumpkin, and Gravity Feed

Feb. 25th – Blockhead with Emancipator, and “ST59 After Party”

Feb. 26th – Hellyeah with Overscene and S.A.O.

Well that’s it for February at Trees. The doors open at 7:00pm for shows and Trees closes at 2:00am. You can get tickets and check out videos of many of the bands online at

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