18 wheeler traffic accidents in Dallas Texas what’s with the billboards?

by Donny on January 3, 2011

Dallas TX area attorneysWhen traveling through Dallas TX to go and watch a Texas Rangers game or maybe to get over to 635 to get to the airport I see several 18 wheeler billboard ads for attorneys in Dallas.

The attorneys advertise on large billboards throughout the Dallas area and offer assistance in fighting and suing in court for those injured in 18 wheeler traffic accidents in Dallas.

18 wheelers are very large trucks and I am sure the cause a lot of damage to the cars they hit and the people inside.

It makes sense that attorneys would aggressively create billboard campaigns to let people know they can help in suing the companies responsible for these accidents.

Usually an 18 wheeler truck is owned by a large logistics company that may make a few billion dollars a year.

These transportation and logistics companies have millions and millions of dollars used for settling traffic accident lawsuits each year and so Dallas TX attorneys go after these court cases.

The next time you see multiple 18 wheeler traffic accident billboards in Dallas just remember these attorneys will make several hundred thousand dollars if not over a million per court case so of course they can pay for these types of ads.

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