Jupiter House in Denton

by Donny on December 31, 2010

jupiter house denton texasIndependent coffee shops in college communities are plentiful and in high demand. Students are drawn to them for a rejuvenating beverage, a change of atmosphere or a small snack.

The college student relies on the coffee shop to be there, they are a important part in satisfying the consistent need for energy that is required to sustain focus.

And as we all focus on our goals and work to achieve them what better place to go than the infamous Jupiter House coffee shop on the square or on Carrol in Denton.

This shop is the perfect stop for anyone tired of regular coffee themed coffee, instead let Jupiter House open your mind to a world of space themed caffeine such as the Caramel Comet or Craaazy Cosmonaut.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, oh no, try one of their many Cosmic Smoothies, a drink truly out of this world.In addition to the many original items on the menu Jupiter House is also prepared to satisfy any conventional drink cravings you might have with their two fully stocked coolers.

If you’re feeling hungry too just browse the entire table of homemade snacks such as cream cheese brownies or banana bread. Jupiter House does have a distinct advantage over other local coffee places in its popularity; the bulletin board is always full of community events and opportunities.

The Jupiter House staff could not be nicer or better at their jobs in my opinion, they have been nothing but understanding when it comes to my own coffee ignorance and will happily customize your order.

Another positive aspect of ‘The Jup’ is its typically decent music choices, it may depend mostly on the barrista working at the moment but for the most part they make good of their DJ powers.

The location on the square also has a delightful patio area facing the courthouse providing an enjoyable view of the light dappled trees. Jupiter House has a great location and even a second in case one is full.

Their prices may be above average but they are not inappropriate after the consideration they have given to provide the coffee drinker with everything needed to accompany their purpose for being there.

Tables, lamps and outlets are plentiful and couches have not been forgotten in this stores quest to accommodate, in fact they have three. Jupiter House has even remodelled to give an even more independent down home feeling to the place, complete with quirky decorations such as vintage guitars and brick walls.

Jupiter House has certainly made an image for itself, but after so much close attention to the aesthetic you wonder why they don’t display better art.

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