Gooey’s Frozen Yogurt

by Donny on November 15, 2010

Gooey’s Frozen Yogurt
11700 Preston Rd #670
Dallas, TX 75230
(214) 691-9319

I’m currently attempting to lower both my weight and my cholesterol. But I still want a good dessert now and then. No, I need a good dessert now and then. But the dessert I need has to be both low in calories and high in yummy to my tummy-ness. So far the best desserts I’ve found are frozen yogurt. So far I have tried two fro-yo shops – the Orange Leaf in Tyler, Texas and the Red Mango in Dallas. Today I tried Gooey’s Frozen Yogurt on the corner of Preston Rd and Forest Lane.

Gooey’s offers smoothies, parfaits, sundaes, coffee frappes, and cool mixxers which are kind of like Dairy Queen Blizzards made with frozen yogurt. Of course they also offer several flavors of straight up fro-yo in a cup. That’s what I got.

One cool thing about Gooey’s is that they give you free samples to help you decide what you want. I sampled the Dark Chocolate flavor. It was good but I didn’t end up getting it. The other frozen yogurt flavors include: chocolate, vanilla, Almond Joy, pumpkin, pumpkin cream pie, peppermint, coffee, java mint, strawberry, Gooey’s Tart, berry tart, peanut butter, peanut butter cup, pecan praline, and Let’s Twist.

At Gooey’s they have three sizes of cups for your fro-yo. The small size is five ounces. The regular size is seven ounces. And the large size is nine ounces. FYI- there are nine calories in every ounce of frozen yogurt at Gooey’s. That is not counting the toppings of course. You can get as many flavors as you want in a cup. Well, all that will fit in the cup I guess. I chose two flavors. I got the Almond Joy on the bottom and the pumpkin cream pie on the top (hey, it’s almost Thanksgiving). The lady really seemed like she wanted me to get a topping so I humored her and chose something with chopped nuts and tiny chocolate chips.

The pumpkin cream pie flavor was OK. I didn’t go gaga over it. But I really liked the Almond Joy flavor. I would definitely get that again. I would like to get some coconut for a topping and mix it in. MMMM! I should have sampled some more flavors. I like peppermint ice cream and I wonder how the fro-yo version measures up.  Pecan praline also sounds good but then so did the pumpkin cream pie. You never know with fro-yo ya know.

I found out they don’t take Discover at Gooey’s so I had to pay with a check. How humiliating! No card to swipe. No cash to slap down. I ended up paying $4.38 for a seven ounce cup of fro-yo. Kind of pricey. One good thing is that Gooey’s has a card which you get punched every time you come in so that you get your tenth dessert free. If you like fro-you you should enjoy Gooey’s. Personally, though, I prefer the self-serve places like Red Mango.

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