Subway in Dallas Texas

by Donny on November 6, 2010

Subway Store 49633
5706 E. Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, TX. 75209

I was recently writing a grad school paper when my stomach informed me that it was high time I got some dinner. I cruised around the Lakewood area for a while but couldn’t think where to go. There were plenty of good restaurants but I had two very specific criteria in mind and I didn’t know if any of them would be able to meet them. I wanted to eat healthy and I wanted to eat cheap. So after cruising around for a while I went to my default restaurant – Subway.

I hit the one on the corner of Abrams and Mockingbird. It’s a nice clean little one which is attached to a TCBY so you can also get a fairly healthy dessert if you wanted to. Since it was dinnertime I had to wait in line. The ladies behind the counter were really hustling, though, so it wasn’t a long wait. I decided to get the sub of the day because it’s a really good bargain and it looked pretty healthy. The sub of the day that day happened to be the Oven Roasted Chicken. I got a six inch version on nine grain wheat bread with no cheese (watching my cholesterol). I picked lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, green and banana peppers for my toppings and some red wine vinaigrette.

The service there was quick and friendly even though they were so busy. The sub of the day only cost $2.70 that’s counting tax. That’s about half of what you’d pay for a regular six inch sub. Also the sub was really good. I could have totally enjoyed it even without the chicken. But the chicken made the sub even heartier and gave me some good protein.

There is a different sub-of-the-day every day at Subway (hence the name) but not all of them are as healthy as the Oven Roasted Chicken but they are all a good deal. I’m looking forward to trying a few more subs at this Subway in the future.

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