Starbucks Town East Mesquite Texas

by Donny on November 5, 2010

1645 Town East Blvd.
Mesquite, TX. 75150
(972) 270-7840

I often go the Starbucks across from the Town East Mall to study and get my caffeine fix. It’s conveniently located near the mall as well as Half-Price books (which I love), Super-Target (which has its own target), and many other great restaurants and stores.

One good thing about studying at Starbucks is that they have an outlet strip that runs all along the wall. With that many plug-ins its easy to find a place to hook up your computer. The nearby Borders only has a couple of outlets available which kind of tells me that they don’t want me working there.

Starbucks also provides numerous pleasant ways for me to get my daily allowance (and then some) of caffeine. I usually just get a grande coffee which is $1.85 but comes to $2.00 even with tax. There’s plenty of sugar or sweetener and creamer to make the worst coffee taste stellar. One thing I don’t get though. Why don’t they put a powdered cream option out there. I love half and half in my coffee but it has too much fat in it. And I hate skim milk in my coffee. I want powdered creamer!

Some other things I like to get at Starbucks are the classic Breve which is espresso with steamed half and half. Sometimes I will order it with mocha. I also like to order a single or double shot of espresso in a large glass of ice. No cream or anything. Than I add the half and half to it myself. It’s cheaper that way. I like that pomegranate tea iced drink thingee they had their recently. I also really like their seasonal drinks like the peppermint mocha. Right now they have the awesome pumpkin spice lattes etc. Oh, I can’t forget about the delicious Frappacinos. Is it too cold for those now?

If you are in the area pick up a book from Half-Price Books and get yourself a tasty beverage at Starbucks. Or if you are not a dork like me you might have friends to talk to over coffee. That works too. I’ll have to try that sometime.

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