Bell’s Better Burgers

by Donny on September 13, 2010

Bell’s Better Burgers

2610 South Peachtree Road

Mesquite, TX 75180

(972) 286-0320

I am just going to come right out and say it – I love Bell’s Better Burgers. How’s that for beating around the bush?  Bell’s Better Burgers is one of those places that exemplifies the much used proverb: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Not far from the Balch Springs Walmart, nestled between a non-descript auto-mechanic shop and a run of the mill carwash sits the homely little drive-up restaurant known as Bell’s Better Burgers. But inside sizzling on the grill and cooking up in the deep fryer is some really great food. And cooking the food and taking the orders are some really good people.
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It was my wife’s idea to try Bell’s Better Burgers. She found a coupon for the place in the Entertainment passport coupon book for the Dallas area. Bell’s was also having a special that day, so she came home with a Texas Burger Combo meal (fries and soft drink) and an extra Texas Burger. We got the Texas Burger Combo for a good deal because it was the daily special and the extra burger for free because of our coupon. The burger was well cooked. If you are one of those people who are into rare burgers or steak tartar this might not be the best place for you. But I loved it. The meat was crispy and tasty, yet still juicy. It had raw diced onions on it which I usually don’t like and end up scraping off, but this burger was so good I didn’t even mind the onions. The Texas Burger also has cheese on it and it tastes great. Pretty sophisticated analysis, huh? It tastes great. Well, it’s true. And you can’t accuse Bell’s Better Burgers of false advertising because their burgers really are better than most burgers in the Dallas area. In fact, I can only think of one burger I’ve had here that was any better. That is the amazingly flavorful Blue Cheese Bacon Burger at the Burger Spot in Plano. That thing is just in a league of its own. But I asked my wife if she liked the Texas Burger from Bell’s better than the Bacon Cheeseburger which she enjoyed at Burger Spot and she didn’t hesitate to say yes. Tasty, enjoyable, and satisfying seems to sum up the Texas Burger from Bell’s Better Burgers.

The fries were good too. They are thick cut. No skinny shoestring fries here. I like them but they were not amazing or anywhere as good as the burger. We also got a Diet Dr. Pepper with our combo. It was fine. I just mention it so you will know that they didn’t serve us up some flat disgusting soda.

If you decide to visit Bell’s Better Burgers, here are how things roll there. First you find the place near the intersection of Lake June and Peach Tree. It’s actually on Peach Tree in between that auto-mechanic shop and the car wash. Then you pull in and get yourself a good spot. Then you look over the menu, which is on two identical white billboards and decide what you want. Next your waitress will come out and take your order. Then you wait in your car while it gets cooked up all hot and yummy for you. Then she brings it out to you and collects the money for your order. Simple enough. Anyway, my wife loved her waitress. She kept talking about how nice and helpful the lady was. The waitress said that the onion rings and milk shakes at Bell’s Better Burgers were good too. So I decided to go back to Bell’s with my boys the other day and get the onion rings and milkshake. Bell’s hadn’t lied about their burgers so I was hopeful. I also wanted to go back because they were out of paper menus when my wife went.

When I arrived I got both good news and bad news. The bad news was that they were out of paper menus again. I am beginning to wonder if they ever really have them. But no, Bell’s wouldn’t lie to me. The good news was that I also had a wonderful waitress and that the onion rings and milkshake really were very good. Since they didn’t have any paper menus on hand I simply copied the menu off the billboard while I waited for my order. I took maybe ten to fifteen minutes, which is a lot for onion rings and a milkshake. But I think it took extra long because somehow or other our waitress got her cell phone stolen by one of their customers. Anyway it was worth the wait.

There are a few cool things about the milkshakes at Bell’s Better Burgers. One is that they are really good, of course. Two is that they have more flavors than most places. They have chocolate, vanilla, pineapple, strawberry, banana, and cherry. The third cool thing about the shakes is that you can combine flavors at no extra charge. I ordered a chocolate-cherry shake. The bummer was I couldn’t taste any cherry in it. So either the waitress didn’t place the order correctly or the chocolate completely canceled out the cherry flavor. Once again, though, I really didn’t care. It was so good I couldn’t be annoyed. My kids loved it too.

The onion rings were also very good. You get nice thick cut onions (but not too thick) fried in a light, golden batter. The onion rings were better than most places I’ve had them at. The only thing I can find fault with about them is that they were not salty enough. On the other hand that might really be a good thing. Personally, I would like to add salt to my taste than get some crazy unknown quantity on me (even if it does taste good). Besides you can always ask Bell’s for some salt or you can salt it at home like we did. MMMM-MMMM Good!

If I’ve got your attention by now, I’ll just run through Bell’s menu for you so you can have an idea of all the tasty possibilities and the reasonable prices they have.

Here are a list of the Better Burgers. The Double Texas Burger is $5.90 (with cheese it’s $6.10), the Texas Burger is $4.20 (with cheese it’s $4.60), the Double Meat Burger is $3.70, a regular burger is $2.35, a small burger is $1.60, and a Chili Cheese Burger is $2.85. I think it would be hard to go wrong with any of these burgers. Although, personally I think chili cheese is always overkill. You always seem to end up tasting more of the chili than you do the burger, which is what you really want to be tasting.

For Sandwiches, Bell’s offers the following: the Steak Sandwich and the Fish Sandwich for $3.35, the Ham Sandwich for $2.75, The Ham and Cheese for $3.05 (you can get a Ham and Cheese combo for $5.10), the BLT for $2.95, Grilled Cheese for $1.90, or the Cheddar Steak Sandwich for $3.60.

Their are five Baskets options available at Bell’s. The Steak Basket and the Catfish Basket costs $5.85, the Steak Finger Basket and the Chicken Strips Basket go for $5.60, and the Shrimp Basket costs $6.95. Oh you can also get a child’s basket for $3.50 if you have any little ones along for the ride.

There are plenty of extras you can order to go along with your burger or sandwich or whatever. These sides are French Fries for $1.40, Onion Rings for $2.10, a Hot Dog for $1.30, a Corny Dog for $1.60, nine chicken nuggets for $2.85, a Pizza Pocket for $2.30, a slice of Apple Pie for $1.05, Fried Pickles for $2.10 or Ice Cream for $0.95.

Bell’s has more than just burgers, sandwiches and fries. This is Texas, so of course they have some Mexican food on the menu. You can get three tacos for $2.25, a Mexican Combo for $5.05, a Taco Salad for $4.60, a single taco for $1.05, Nachos for $2.60, Chili Pie for $3.35, a Burrito for $1.95, or three stuffed peppers for $2.10.

For drinks you can get Coke, Dr. Pepper. The only diet drink they offered was diet Dr. Pepper. Any of these cost $1.25. Of course, you can also get one of Bell’s tasty chocolate, vanilla, pineapple, strawberry, banana, or cherry milk-shakes. Or any mix of flavors you want. A medium milk-shake costs $2.45 and a large one costs $3.65. There is no small size, just in case you were wondering.

Bell’s Better Burgers is definitely worth checking out, especially if you are a lover of great burgers. The place has been around a long time. People who’ve been eating there since they were kids are still loyal to it. If you live a little out of the way, the burgers are worth the drive. So get out there and support a worthy, privately owned business. I highly recommend it.

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