Weight Loss Dallas Texas – Part 5

by Donny on August 16, 2010

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After thinking about how you will change your eating, you need to think about putting together an exercise routine. First of all think about what kind of sports or exercise (if any) which you enjoy or are able to do. I really like playing basketball but I found it was not an activity which I could commit myself to doing everyday. Because I was so big I decided I would just start out walking. It’s simple, you can do it anywhere, and it’s good for you. This brings me to another important point. Start small.

Don’t try to run a marathon on your first day. I remember watching a race between a class of third graders once. They just had to run around a soccer field two or three times and the first one to cross the finish line would win. Well a couple of the kids just took off sprinting. They were in first place for awhile but after the first lap those kids were dead. They actually came in last place. In the same way, I’ve seen people get all gung-ho about exercising and losing weight drop off after the first week (sometimes after the first day or two) because they were totally out of shape and they tried to push themselves too hard.

The result is torture and no one wants to torture themselves on a daily basis. So find something that’s not torture for you. Start slow and build yourself up. When I first started exercising I was walking ten or twelve laps around a soccer field. By the time I reached my lowest weight I was jogging forty laps around that field. But I built up to it over time. Sometimes I would add a new lap each week. Sometimes I would jog one or two laps and walk the rest. Eventually I got to where I could do a lot more laps and jog more than walk. I was exercising five or six days a week for over an hour each time. Make a commitment to your exercise.

Once a week isn’t going to cut it. Try to get out there at least three or four times a week. Some other little helpful tips are to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park farther away from stores etc. and walk the extra distance. Every little thing that moves you further away from a sedentary lifestyle and closer to an active lifestyle is a real step in the right direction.

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