Weight Loss in the Dallas Area

by Donny on August 16, 2010

Whether you are trying to lose a ton of weight or just those last pesky five or ten pounds, losing weight can be a huge challenge. And it can be especially difficult in a city like Dallas, which is full of so many tempting restaurants, deep fried Twinkies, and good southern fried food. But it’s not impossible. I’ve discovered that the hardest part of weight loss is not getting the weight off – it’s keeping it off. My own journey with weight loss has been full of ups and downs. You know, the yo-yo syndrome. Maybe some of you can relate. A couple of years ago I weighed 300 lbs. I felt miserable physically and emotionally and I desperately wanted a change. After changing the way I ate and starting an exercise regimen I got down to 188 lbs in about nine months.

That is a difference of 112 lbs. Later I gained about forty-five of those pounds back. Then I woke up again and brought my weight back into the 190’s. But after finishing grad school I suffered a lot of major personal set backs. All the stress and emotional turmoil got to me and a little over a year later I had ballooned back up to 280 lbs. Currently I weigh 260 lbs and am rapidly burning up the blubber. I believe I will get back to former low weight over the next several months. But as I’ve said, the real challenge will be keeping it off. Some people will look at my story as a failure, or just another example of Yo-Yo dieting. I don’t see it that way. As I’ve said, weight loss is a journey. I have the confidence and the know how to lose the weight and I am working on identifying and overcoming the triggers and pitfalls in my life that cause me to fall off the wagon. I want to share with you how I lost over 100lbs, how I will again, and how you can too (even in Dallas). There are no miracle pills, surgeries, fad diets or one simple rule to follow. These are just practical, realistic things for real people. They worked for me and may work for you as well.

First you need to understand that everybody is different. What works for some people will not work as well for others. But here are some weight loss nuggets I’ve picked up. Read through them, take what you think will prove helpful to you, and ignore the rest. Second, it is important when your are trying to lose weight that you don’t view it as a diet. Diets are short term fixes. You need to find a plan that you can commit to for the rest of your life. So as the weight loss gurus are fond of saying -it’s not a diet; it’s a lifestyle change. And it’s true. If you start eating and exercising in a way that makes you miserable, there is no way that you will be able to keep it up indefinitely. You will fail eventually. I say it’s better to be miserable with a big piece of cheesecake than miserable munching celery sticks and fat-free cottage cheese. So think about the weight loss tips I’m suggesting and let it inspire you to come up with your own workable, misery-free plan.

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