Texas Electric: Why an Oversized AC Unit Can Lead to Higher Energy Bills

by Donny on May 27, 2010

With the heat of Dallas Texas summers right around the corner (and some days it feels like it’s already here), many Dallas Texans are cranking up the AC. And, unbeknownst to a lot of them, their money could be sucked right out the door – just like the hot air from their home.

If your air conditioning unit is not the right size for your home, following are three ways it could be costing you money.

Air Leak Problems

Many Dallas homes have air leaks that can’t be seen because they are hidden behind sheetrock, in the attic and in the garage. To explain, when your home was built, many contractors worked on it, eg, electricians, HVAC specialists, framers, etc.

Once one Dallas TX contractor comes and does their job, then the other comes in, and after that another. If holes and openings during the construction process are not properly sealed, air leaks occur (via ducts, poorly insulated walls, etc.).

This means your Dallas AC unit has to blast twice as much cold air to keep your home cool.  The harder your AC unit has to work, the more it costs you.

Solution: Have a specialist seal all air leaks in your home, and take the time to research what size unit is more economical for your house. FYI, experts recommend erring on the side of buying a unit that is too small than one that is too large.

Lock in Savings with a No Deposit Electricity Service Plan

A relatively simple way to save even more on your Dallas Texas electric bill is to do some investigating into what type of energy plan you have.

As a rule, Dallas prepaid electric service plans should not be considered. Why? Because they charge more per kilowatt hour (kWh) than conventional plans – a lot more.

Speak with your Dallas Texas energy supplier about no deposit electricity plans you may qualify for. Not only do they offer some of the lowest rates around, you can take advantage of options like the Texas LITE UP Program, which gives consumers discounts on their electric bills during the months of May through September.

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